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Open Letter to #InternationalWomensDay

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Dear Women of all nationalities,

Hear me as you read this, as a Man who is writing this post, you are not regarded nor appreciated enough. From the Mothers & Grandmothers who has taken care of us from infancy to men, I appreciate you. Thank you for being our first definition of the universe, our first love to love unconditionally. Thank you for being there to nurture, guide, and have a duty-full prayer to the whichever deity you serve, behind every act of service is due to loving us and seeing us grow to the men you hope us to be.

To Every woman, who take matters into her own hand, I stand and applaud you. As history shows, women who rule nations tend to last longer than any empire of men, including the last known historical empires ” Roman Empire” and etc. Hell even the Queen of England still has still has an Iron Fist.

To all the women entrepreneurs, the doctors, the lawyers, the teachers and even down to the janitors, and the women who are employed in all factors of retail life to corporate life, from the bottom of my heart continue to be inspirational. Sprinkle your #BlackGirlMagic, your #PhenominalWomanhood My hopes and prayers are that when you reach the plateau of expectancy, may empathy, peace of mind, and wisdom continue to guide you to your next obstacle mountain. Love Yours as the honorable rapper J. Cole [@realcoleworld] would say. But you all great women, you knew this already ­čśë

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