Danielle Mitchell
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My name is Danielle Mitchell and my focus is to create more black millionaires. I am an international marketing strategist that believes we ALL can use our influence to make additional income doing the things we like to do.Marketing Maven. Christian. Promoter of Black Owned Businesses. University of Illinois Champaign Alumni. ~There is NOTHING Average About A Black Girl~

Lauren Wiseman
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Lauren Wiseman is marketing specialist, business writer and entrepreneur, currently based in Melbourne. She helps clients grow their personal and professional brands in fast-changing and demanding market environment. Covering finance and investment topics, Lauren strongly believes in holistic approach to business.

Diana Smith
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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to marketing and latest business technology. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Joi Weathers
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Culture-shaker. Shade Aficionado. Whitley Gilbert Reincarnate. These are just a few of the titles used to describe Joi’ C. Weathers. A lover of words and a champion for free thinking, Joi considers the pen as the single most important way to speak one’s power into existence. With over 7 years of Media experience, it is time to focus on her true passion of being woke and witty and sharing the knowledge with as many who want to hear it.

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Jalyssa is a 24-year-old digital designer. She is an Executive Marketing Assistant in Chicago and does freelance design work as well. Connect with her on LinkedIn (Jalyssa Woodall) or visit her site here: jtwoodall.com

Dominique Lyric Robinson
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Dominique Lyric Robinson is Founder and Content Curator at Lyrics by Lyric, a consulting agency and lifestyle blog dedicated to promoting music, marketing, event content and more. She is also a badass advertising exec with a proven track record to build brands client relationships and looks to educate young and seasoned professionals on the power of personal branding and self- advocacy.

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Garrick Bradley is the Founder of Youngwealthbuilders.org, a site dedicated to helping others build wealth by educating others on personal finance. A consultant by day, and wealth builder by night, Garrick is constantly helping others with his financial advice while reaching his goals. Having two degrees and his CPA designation, he feels that he has a duty to be a financial leader within his community. If you are interested in following him you can reach him on twitter at @ywealthbuilder, join his Facebook group in learning more financial tips, or like his FB page to get even more financial insight!

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Nivi Watson is a professional blogger. Nivi's blog is all about business topics. She also writes about home improvement, health, entertainment, technology, and much more. She is read by thousands of people daily from around the world.

Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon
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Dr. Cherita’s mission is: To Engage. To Elevate. To Empower. As a success strategist, author and speaker, Cherita is dedicated to empowering women with practical strategies, a plan of action, accountability, and support to accomplish their goals and live the life they desire…without guilt. She is the author of Go! 10 Powerful Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals & Living the Life You Desire. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Cherita is a wife and mom to four children. She is passionate about family, marriage, God, and being a personal power detonator. www.PowerhouseWomanCollective.com www.CheritaWeatherspoon.com

Hayley Potter
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Hayley Potter is a professional blogger specializing in all kind of bloggers such as health, travel, business, home and a lot more.

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Jennifer is the business developer that works in different areas of education, technology, security and various types of online marketing. Prior to business developing Jennifer was a consultant at Deloitte, and managed security services provider and developer of a wide range of security solutions.

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Liz Richards is a content creator for www.DocuPop.com; a document prep company that specializes in providing life changing solutions to the millions of Americans burdened by federal student loan debt.

Lizzie G
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My name is Elizabeth "Lizzie G" Elie. I am a positive hip hop rapper, activist, humanitarian, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. I grew up and currently reside in the Beverly Morgan Park neighborhood of Chicago. As one of the few positive female hip-hop artists on the scene, my goal is to spread a message of positivity through my company LIZZIE G ENTERTAINMENT. My music promotes anti-bullying, keeping peace and staying united. I use my platform to encourage today’s youth to stay in school and pursue their dreams.

Love Candace Nicole
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I am a woman dedicated to public health with a passion for women's health both in the United States and in Nigeria. My hopes are to conduct research in these locations on mental health, prenatal care, breastfeeding and maternal and infant health. I also hope to become an IBCLC sometime in the near future. Women have birthed the generations of today and will birth the generations of tomorrow so our health is pivotal to the success of society.