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  • I became interested in this page because of all the positive posts and Information shared on my timeline. Danielle your consciousness and efforts to deliver such important info on a daily basis is awesome. Whether it is politics, social issues or innovative ways of improving ones financial situation. I love the the fact that you are committed to the Melanin movement and I am here to support you 100% and to learn as much as possible. You are powerful!!
    Robbie C.
  • It is with delight that I write this letter of recommendation for Danielle Mitchell. I am Danielle’s immediate supervisor.  She has been on my team since January of 2012.

    Danielle is a Market Development Manager in Orlando, Florida.  She is passionate about being marketing and sales professional.  Since joining our company, she has consistently reached her goals and become a leader.  Many of her ideas have been successfully implemented in the North Florida Market Unit. During her last evaluation, she received a rating of “exceeds expectations” in all categories.

    Danielle continued to demonstrate her leadership skills by heading up Coca-Cola’s Sharing Happiness Event.  Working with a $20,000 budget, she created a very successful week long employee appreciated event. She has also spent time shadowing her mentor in the Key Account role.  This experience has allowed her to participate in planning the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational, which I’m sure will be a very successful event.

     I am sure you share my philosophy that employees become more effective leaders by demonstrating their ability to think, analyze and effectively communicate. Danielle is a bright, engaging and delightful young lady who demonstrates an inquisitive mind and a personal determination to make a difference in her life. She has demonstrated maturity, dedication and the ability to work well with a diverse group of people at all levels of an organization. She is an exceptional candidate and will do great in her next position.

    Letter of Recommendation Manager 2012
  • It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Danielle Mitchell.

    In Danielle’s position as our Key Account Development Manager for Coca Cola Refreshments for the past two year, it has been imperative to possess the ability to manage our volume and ensure that volume goals were met/exceeded to keep us on track for optimal product discounts. She was also integral in securing the necessary assets to achieve and maintain our goals.

    Danielle has the skills necessary for a wide array of potential job prospects. She has drive, determination and is a “go-getter”. When you ask her to do something, you can be assured she will accomplish it in the timeframe asked and will carry it out with enthusiasm. She is attentive and instructive on means for our company success. Any company that has the opportunity to add Danielle Mitchell to their staff would be most fortunate.

    If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to give me a call.

    Letter of Recommendation Customer 2014
  • I would like to take this opportunity to say what a great pleasure it is to deal with Danielle.  We have had a great relationship since she has started overseeing our account.

    She is always concise with her charts and new program materials.  She has an excellent ability to explain some of the more complicated sales calculators.  Her tone is always even and friendly.

    Her response time is always quick and she is prepared to speak knowledgeably with each conversation.  She has always been a good advocate.  I can only recommend Danielle as the best at her job.

    Letter of Recommendation Customer 2014
  • Your review was Awesome!!! You did a fabulous job on explaining our products because most people have not heard of a diaper or towel cake. You are so enthusiastic and we are learning a lot from your reviews. We will keep in touch, you are doing an amazing job. Thanks for helping "all of us"! All smiles!
    LaKeisha W.
  • Danielle brainstormed an action plan for the beginning stages of building my brand on social media. She gave me useful resources to rebrand the look of my YouTube page as well the direction I should take with the content. She walked me through how to maximize user settings on YouTube like monetization and YouTube Academy. She also recommended some of her contacts that I need for graphic design and music. Long story short, Danielle is driven, smart, and passionate about helping others, and I would definitely recommend her for anyone that is looking to start, improve, or add to their online brand!!!

    Abisola A.

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