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I am Danielle Mitchell and I am a Marketing Professional. About 2 years ago, I found myself becoming extremely passionate about the injustice going on not only in the world but in my own backyard. I got so sick and tired of signing petitions and following movements but seeing no fruits of that labor. So I thought to myself: I have a degree in Marketing and Management, I have the work experience to match my education, so why not utilize my skills set for my own personal business branding that makes a difference? Marketing allows me to fulfill my creative spirit while using my social media platforms and relationships to create an end result that can benefit the Black community.



The mission of Average Black Girl is to promote and market Black-Owned businesses and products. Average Black Girl exposes my viewers to thriving Black-Owned businesses, products, and brands to encourage the Global community to invest its resources into the economy of Black-Owned businesses. Average Black Girl is all about galvanizing its viewers to BUY BLACK and in INVEST IN BLACK BUSINESS. The Black community is often targeted to purchase products that are marketed toward the Black community, but these products are not produced, created, or owned by members of the Black community. Average Black Girl fulfills the need for mass advertisement and promotion of products, services, and brands owned by members of the Black Community.


Due to systematic racism, there are a lot of untrue stereotypes and misconceptions about Black-Owned Businesses. Average Black Girl understands the importance of cultivating an economy that enables the success of Black-Owned businesses and garners the next generation of Black Millionaires. As a consumer, Average Black Girl consciously invests its monetary resources into the Black community. In the quest to BUY BLACK, Average Black Girl ran into the obstacle of locating and identifying Black-Owned businesses to meet its consumer needs. Average Black Girl seeks to eliminate this process for consumers.  Our concept is to make BUY BLACKING easy and accessible for all consumer needs. Average Black Girl aids its viewers and documents its experiences with products and services provided by Black-Owned, by providing YouTube Reviews and it identifies products and serviced Average Black Girl certifies as high quality.started gaining popularity and within the first 90 days of launching my channel I had over 100 subscribers and it just took off from there.

Average Black Girl started gaining popularity within the first 90 days of launching its channel and had well over 100 subscribers.  That proved that there is a market that is hungry for the identification of products and services produced by Black-Owned businesses and has a commitment to investing its dollars into those Black-Owned businesses.

More about us

Average Black Girl Is:

There is nothing average about a black girl. She is the mother of mankind, the original human, and the eve. The bible references Jesus with skin of burnt brass, which is chocolate and hair of wool, which is black textured hair. There is nothing average about that. We built the pyramids, we pioneered innovations in science, created great works of literature, accomplished great successes in history and breathed life in the arts. Simply put. The Average Black Girl is nothing short of phenomenal.


“Discrediting stereotypes concerning the quality and value of products and services provided by Black-Owned Businesses and expanding the economy of the Black community through encouragement of investing consumer resources into Black-Owned Businesses.”

Core Values:

  • Influence
  • Self-accountability-
  • Leadership

Average Black Girl wants to encourage people to take the first step to follow their dreams and take accountability for their life. Average Black girl shares my story, shares healthy tips and hosts healthy positive giveaways. Average Black Girl wants to see more positive content out in the media for Black people, so Average Black Girl is my contribution to the change I want to see.

Our Capabilities

Average Black Girl Youtube Channel 100%
The Average Blog 100%
Marketing Coach 100%
Melanin Business 100%


What our clients say about us

  • I became interested in this page because of all the positive posts and Information shared on my timeline. Danielle your consciousness and efforts to deliver such important info on a daily basis is awesome. Whether it is politics, social issues or innovative ways of improving ones financial situation. I love the the fact that you are committed to the Melanin movement and I am here to support you 100% and to learn as much as possible. You are powerful!!
    Robbie C.
  • Danielle brainstormed an action plan for the beginning stages of building my brand on social media. She gave me useful resources to rebrand the look of my YouTube page as well the direction I should take with the content. She walked me through how to maximize user settings on YouTube like monetization and YouTube Academy. She also recommended some of her contacts that I need for graphic design and music. Long story short, Danielle is driven, smart, and passionate about helping others, and I would definitely recommend her for anyone that is looking to start, improve, or add to their online brand!!!

    Abisola A.
  • My experience working with Danielle was nothing short of spectacular. Her passion and sincere dedication to helping others achieve success is very admiring. She is is well knowledgeable in her field and offers positive suggestions when I was in need of answers. I improved on networking ability. Being able to go over and beyond available resources. Her explaining to me the desire to stand out made me diligent in my networking. I was able to take away true focus in a project or in anything worth obtaining. She vocalized a lot about going beyond the call of duty in anything that you do so those conversations left me with the impression that the effort I put prior to it wasn’t my all. She helped me identify those weaknesses. I would absolutely recommend Danielle. What I liked most about working with Danielle is the energy and passion she puts out. It’s very contagious and rejuvenating. She is strong minded and has a laser focus on her goals and priorities.
    Kosi U.
  • It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Danielle Mitchell.

    In Danielle’s position as our Key Account Development Manager for Coca Cola Refreshments for the past two year, it has been imperative to possess the ability to manage our volume and ensure that volume goals were met/exceeded to keep us on track for optimal product discounts. She was also integral in securing the necessary assets to achieve and maintain our goals.

    Danielle has the skills necessary for a wide array of potential job prospects. She has drive, determination and is a “go-getter”. When you ask her to do something, you can be assured she will accomplish it in the timeframe asked and will carry it out with enthusiasm. She is attentive and instructive on means for our company success. Any company that has the opportunity to add Danielle Mitchell to their staff would be most fortunate.

    If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to give me a call.

    Letter of Recommendation Customer 2014
  • I would like to take this opportunity to say what a great pleasure it is to deal with Danielle.  We have had a great relationship since she has started overseeing our account.

    She is always concise with her charts and new program materials.  She has an excellent ability to explain some of the more complicated sales calculators.  Her tone is always even and friendly.

    Her response time is always quick and she is prepared to speak knowledgeably with each conversation.  She has always been a good advocate.  I can only recommend Danielle as the best at her job.

    Letter of Recommendation Customer 2014
  • Your review was Awesome!!! You did a fabulous job on explaining our products because most people have not heard of a diaper or towel cake. You are so enthusiastic and we are learning a lot from your reviews. We will keep in touch, you are doing an amazing job. Thanks for helping "all of us"! All smiles!
    LaKeisha W.
  • Those who know me well, know that I’m not a fan of syncing technology platforms. I’d rather just pay someone to do it. However, Danielle Mitchell FORCED ME…literally forced me…to learn how to integrate my MailChimp list with my FB page. She showed me step by step. Then she checked my YouTube page and realized I hadn’t monetized it and showed me how to do that. The girl is dope. I’m not just saying that b/c she’s my friend and business partner. This social media branding/marketing stuff is heavy and she’s on top of it! It’s so much more than setting up a page. There are sooooooo many tricks the experts use that I wasn’t even aware of. Check her out Average Black Girl
    Jasmine T.
  • I had a great experience with Ms. Mitchell very professional and very helpful. Initially, I thought I knew most of the tactics and services used to market businesses, but she made me aware of tools I didn't know were out there. I would say our meeting helped me to better strategize how I market myself and my brand. I've studied other brands similar to mine, but it was still difficult to pinpoint what tools they were using to achieve such significant results. About a minute into my meeting with Danielle I realized why I was fighting a losing a battle. The tools she suggested to me are exactly what I needed to push myself to a more potent level when it comes to marketing and promotion.
    My biggest takeaway was the need for consistency. While I am knowledgeable of marketing and promotion myself the posts would come over extended periods which explained why my desired results were not manifesting.
    The best thing about Danielle is her kind, professional demeanor and genuine interest in her clients' brand. It is apparent that she earnestly desires to help her clients succeed. I would definitely recommend her services to other people looking to energize their brand/business.
    Chris C.
  • I came to Average Black Girl for strategy work. I am the Owner of Plaques Trophies & Gifts by Perci. We have been in business 30 years but have decided this year to make a grand effort in our digital footprint. Average Black Girl has broken down the importance of social media and made goals that are attainable and actionable. We have cleaned up my yelp account, improved how my store is found on google maps and brought my facebook account to life all within the first month! If you are thinking about hiring a marketing consultant. Look no further.
    Beverly P.
  • It is with delight that I write this letter of recommendation for Danielle Mitchell. I am Danielle’s immediate supervisor.  She has been on my team since January of 2012.

    Danielle is a Market Development Manager in Orlando, Florida.  She is passionate about being marketing and sales professional.  Since joining our company, she has consistently reached her goals and become a leader.  Many of her ideas have been successfully implemented in the North Florida Market Unit. During her last evaluation, she received a rating of “exceeds expectations” in all categories.

    Danielle continued to demonstrate her leadership skills by heading up Coca-Cola’s Sharing Happiness Event.  Working with a $20,000 budget, she created a very successful week long employee appreciated event. She has also spent time shadowing her mentor in the Key Account role.  This experience has allowed her to participate in planning the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational, which I’m sure will be a very successful event.

     I am sure you share my philosophy that employees become more effective leaders by demonstrating their ability to think, analyze and effectively communicate. Danielle is a bright, engaging and delightful young lady who demonstrates an inquisitive mind and a personal determination to make a difference in her life. She has demonstrated maturity, dedication and the ability to work well with a diverse group of people at all levels of an organization. She is an exceptional candidate and will do great in her next position.

    Letter of Recommendation Manager 2012
  • I give the Above Average Program a 5 plus rating. Danielle and I have been working together for a little less than two months and I have learned SOOOOO much! She taught me how to use countless FREE websites and features that are substantial to the continued growth my business. With her direction, I posted my first youtube video and she taught me how to monetize it. I had no idea what monetize was before her. My business page went from 8 likes to 80 in less than a week of us working together. I could go on all day about ALL of the many benefits I owe to her and this program. Danielle is wonderful, you guys had better get you some of this Above Average Program!
    Pamela D.
  • Danielle is a God Send! As a recent BSW graduate and entering a rigorous MSW program, time is my biggest commodity. Leaving the traditional workforce after over 8 years and quickly approaching 44 was challenging, emotional, painstaking, and depressive. Trying to pull from nearly a decade ago to rekindle the entrepreneur of my 20’s and 30’s was proving impossible until I reached out to a young woman I met several months ago and have since been following on social media. Because I did not have the time to meet with Danielle Mitchell in person, she suggested we meet at my convenience over the phone. I was all over the place with my ideas but she was amazing at honing in on my best fit business focus. Danielle provided awesome resources on how to build my brand and calmed my spirit about utilizing social media. She helped me identify my short, mid, and long-term goals, set timeframes to meet such goals, and provided a transcript of our brainstorming activities. Danielle was even intuitive enough to know when I was in overload and needed to end the session. What she does not know is how her session inspired and motivated me to push myself. Exactly 1 day later, I have eliminated two of my goals for the week with anticipation of completing three additional ones by the end of the day. In addition, this experience removed the clutter in my mind and has sparked the creativity in building this brand and business. Stay tuned, I will definitely retain Danielle Mitchell as my consultant and happily refer anyone to her. $70 is a small investment in building my brand. This young woman knows her stuff! Thank you Danielle for everything especially for not cutting me off with the numerous text as my momentum keeps building. Respectfully and Gratefully Marie A Gandy of O.M.G. Enterprises
    Marie G.
  • First, thank you, thank you, and thank you again!!! If you are looking for someone to make your website come to life from nothing. Danielle is your girl. I mean she not only helped build my site, but she walked me through step by step. Like held my hand and walked with me as my daughters coo’d and sang songs?!!! She is professional, efficient, and works in a timely manner. I greatly appreciate all of your help!
    Brittany W.
  • This letter is my recommendation for Danielle Mitchell. Until just recently, I have been Danielle's immediate manager for four months during her internship. I found her to be consistently motivated to expand her experience; tackling and seeking out assignments with dedication. Danielle has the ability to stay organized while being asked to contribute to various, at times ad-hoc, campaign management needs. The time she spent reviewing areas outside the request to assist the team in a more holistic way, was another welcomed contribution. Though she was helpful to our Search Engine Marketing efforts, Danielle was also beneficial in other areas of the company. While supporting Search Specialists in daily account management tasks, Danielle assisted Marketing in messaging POVs (Points of View) as well as assumed a leadership role to keep fellow interns informed of current industry trends. Danielle’s tenacity, organizational skills and creative thinking make her a good candidate for a supporting role within the marketing industry.
    Letter of Recommendation Manager 2011

Meet The Team

  • Amonte Mickie


    Hello, my name is Amonte Mickie and I am the founder of Ubrand which is my design studio. I specialize in logo design, branding, web design and offer design services to businesses of all sizes around the world, ultimately improving their bottom line by crafting creative solutions to their business problems.

    I am self-employed as a  freelance graphic designer, specializing in the fields of corporate identity (logo) design, web design, print design and branding with the majority of my time spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for businesses such as logos, websites, letterhead, business cards, packaging and more.

  • Britney Robbins

    Marketing Strategist

    Britney Robbins is the founder and CEO of The Gray Matter Experience, a non-profit organization founded in 2016 to help Black high school students learn about and practice entrepreneurship. Britney hails from Quincy, IL but moved to Chicago in 2009 after graduating from The University of Illinois where she received her B.A. in Rhetoric with an English minor.
    Britney has worked within Chicago's entrepreneurship and tech community for the past four years working within some of Chicago's top venture capital firms and incubators including Sandbox Industries, Lightbank and 1871. She has been recognized as one of Ariel Investment, BMO Harris and WVON's 40 Under 40 Gamechangers, Essence Magazine's Woke 100, a finalist for Ebony Magazine's Power 100 People's Choice Award, featured on Fox32, Chicago Inno,, DNAInfo Chicago, Chicago Tribune, and Essence Magazine for her work through Gray Matter. She was also named as one of five investees for Goodcity Chicago's Women's Innovation Fund.
    Prior to starting The Gray Matter Experience, Robbins worked for Honda Financial Services for two years post graduation. Upon leaving HFS, Britney worked for Chicago-based startup, Doggyloot as an Account Executive. It was in this role, she realized her interest in entrepreneurship as the company was a portfolio company under Sandbox Industries, a local venture capital firm. After Doggyloot, she worked for three years as a Program Manager for Future Founders, a non-profit exposing youth to entrepreneurship. After helping low-income students across the city learn about entrepreneurship, Britney recognized a gap that needed to be filled, thus The Gray Matter Experience was created.
    Britney is passionate about the intersection of entrepreneurship, education and youth and believes in empowering others to use their passions and strengths to create opportunities for themselves. In 2015, she authored and published her first children's book and is working to release the second in the series, this fall. Britney is committed to inspiring youth to reach their full potential and and aims to continue to create channels for them to do so.
  • Danielle Mitchell


      Greetings: I am Danielle “Dani So Fancy” Mitchell and I am a Marketing Professional. About 2 years ago, I found myself becoming extremely passionate about the injustice going on not only in the world but in my own backyard. I got so sick and tired of signing petitions and following movements, but seeing no fruits of that labor. So I thought to myself that I have a degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Illinois-Champaign. In addition, I have completed the Harvard Business School CORe Readiness program.   This program includes Business Analytics, Economics for Managers and Financial Accounting. I have the work experience to match my education, so why not utilize those skills for personal business branding that makes a difference? Marketing allows me to fulfill my creative spirit while using my social media platforms and relationships to create an end result that can benefit the Melanin Community.  
  • Jalyssa T. Woodall

    Marketing Strategist

    My name is Jalyssa T. Woodall and I enjoy creating.
    I am driven by results and it excites me to see a premature idea develop into a thriving, attention-grabbing concept. From the early age of nine, I began using different software to create documents, flyers, and presentations and then posting them to my MySpace and Tagged accounts. From then on my passion for design and social media has increased.
    In 2015, I earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in graphic design and I recently earned a Master's of Science degree in Arts Technology where my focus was web design. Along with being a full-time Executive Marketing Assistant at a Chicago Minority Construction company, I also do freelance work on the side. May seem like a lot, but when you're doing something you truly enjoy it's all worth it!
    I am excited to leave my mark on the world in such a way that when you think of social media, graphic design, and branding you can’t help but think of Jalyssa T. Woodall.

ABG X LBL Partnership



After years of working in the marketing and advertising industries, two powerhouse brains and brands have come together to educate, inspire and empower the masses to turn their goals into actions; to ultimately master the art of the career and entrepreneurial path hustle. Comprehensive business development coaching including job search strategies, interview prep and more!
Hosted by Danielle Mitchell of Average Black Girl and Dominique Lyric Robinson of Lyrics By Lyric, we are bringing workshops and conferences to a college, high school, or organization near you.


  • Grant Writer

    Grant writers will be in charge of finding eligable grants and leading the process of filling out the applications and submitting grants for Melanin Business and Average Black Girl.
  • Social Media Manager

    Social Media Manager will be in charge of maintaining the Instagram profiles for @DaniSoFancy, @AverageBlackGirl and @MelaninBusiness. Utilizing popular hashtags and commenting to profiles that comment under the picture and like the picture. They will have to ensure our pattern is being kept when they post. Manager will be trained and be updated on proper apps to use.
  • Blog Writer

    We are looking for writers to submit their own stories, make blog post about businesses in different categories from Melanin Business and interview and make stories about individual black businesses and lifestyle blogging.
  • Melanin Business – Manager

    The first task will be for the manager to contact business owners who have profiles on Melanin Business and reach out to them requesting that they sign up and claim their business.