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The best thing about this club? You’re never alone! This membership allows you to connect with other like-­minded amazing bosses who are focused on taking their brand to the next level, thriving and partnering.

This Is For You If...

Unsure of where to begin with creating goals and next steps

Fearful about pushing yourself, the direction of your business and your message

Overwhelmed with what you should focus on and how to systematically grow your brand

Stuck or lonely on your journey to entrepreneurship


$100/ Month or $600/ Year

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Looking for additional support at a low cost? Well, this is the group for you.

Each Month we focus on a topic that will help you grow your business / brand or help you reach a new goal. Items include but are not limited to templates, challenges, strategy sessions, group discussions and dialogue and building!

The Above Average Crew Membership is lead by Danielle Mitchell. She has previous experience working in corporate america with brands such as L’Oreal and Coca Cola. She has taken her talents to build her own community and to help businesses of all sizes thrive.

You will have access to all the online courses at Above Average University found at https://above-average-university.teachable.com/.

I give the Above Average Crew Membership a 5 plus rating. Danielle and I have been working together for a little less than two months and I have learned SOOOOO much! She taught me how to use countless FREE websites and features that are substantial to the continued growth my business. With her direction, I posted my first youtube video and she taught me how to monetize it. I had no idea what monetize was before her. My business page went from 8 likes to 80 in less than a week of us working together. I could go on all day about ALL of the many benefits I owe to her and this program. Danielle is wonderful, you guys had better get you some of this Above Average Program!

Pamela D.

My experience working with Danielle was nothing short of spectacular. Her passion and sincere dedication to helping others achieve success is very admiring. She is is well knowledgeable in her field and offers positive suggestions when I was in need of answers. I improved on networking ability. Being able to go over and beyond available resources. Her explaining to me the desire to stand out made me diligent in my networking. I was able to take away true focus in a project or in anything worth obtaining. She vocalized a lot about going beyond the call of duty in anything that you do so those conversations left me with the impression that the effort I put prior to it wasn’t my all. She helped me identify those weaknesses. I would absolutely recommend Danielle. What I liked most about working with Danielle is the energy and passion she puts out. It’s very contagious and rejuvenating. She is strong-minded and has a laser focus on her goals and priorities.

Kosi W.

 I would like to take this opportunity to say what a great pleasure it is to deal with Danielle.  We have had a great relationship since she has started overseeing our account.

She is always concise with her charts and new program materials.  She has an excellent ability to explain some of the more complicated sales calculators.  Her tone is always even and friendly.

Her response time is always quick and she is prepared to speak knowledgeably with each conversation.  She has always been a good advocate.  I can only recommend Danielle as the best at her job.

Sam C.

Congrats on making the decision to take your business to the next level! Pouring resources into your business is a HUGE decision and to be much respected!


Maybe you are trying to get a better strategy for exposure and securing contracts, DIY’d your website the first time around, or you just feel like you need another pair of eyes on your business as a whole.



I’m am an International Marketing Strategist. I specialize in black entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level through marketing strategies, web development, project management, and securing sponsorship.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What is the price of membership?

$1000/per year or $100/ per month. Payments are automatically drafted from your account each month.

What happens when I register to become a member?

Once you become a member, you’ll receive an email to join our facebook group, welcome email, and access to the first bundle and additional content associated with your membership. We also suggest that you schedule a 1 on 1 with the Average Black Girl Team that is complimentary with your membership!

May I cancel at anytime?

Sure! We hate to see you go but we understand life happens. You are always welcomed back!

Are we able to connect with other members

Absolutely! We encourage networking and even have an entire program dedicated to it! You are also able to schedule with us a time where you can go live in our group and teach the group what you are best at!

What type of commitment should I expect

To ensure your business development and success, this membership provides you with tons of resources and support on a monthly basis. Your growth and accomplishments will stop only if you do.

Are refunds provided on digital products?

No. Once you are granted access you are able to download products which allow you to have those items for a lifetime and a refund will not be granted.