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What?! UNSEND EMAILS & Look at who has viewed your email!

gmail unsend

This morning I woke up did my morning routine and checked my Facebook memories. I love looking at my facebook memories now that I am actually friends with all of my Facebook friends. Facebook memories can be THE WORST when you are still connected to an ex-best friend and your memories pop up over and over. Ex Bestie breakups hurt more than lover breakups sometimes. Yes, I will argue with that one.

Back to the story. I checked my facebook memory and saw that I shared a post that was talking about how Gmail allows you to unsend your emails after up to 30 seconds of sending.

Now, I do not know what I was doing a year ago but this morning I was on it! I do not know about you but I am not perfect and although majority of my emails are pretty awesome there are some slip ups that I have when I send an email that was not complete or I did not include everyone in my reply. How awesome is that to be able to unsend?!

My next GEM is this application to include into your email is STREAK. I heard about streak browsing through

youtube while working on clients work and I immediately downloaded it. I LOVE this app because tells me wh

en people read my email. This is huge for me because a lot of times I send emails as a first method to close a deal or to start a process. So this helps to know if people have seen your email or not. This also can help you to decide when to follow up and to know whose spam folder you are going into. It alerts you every time a new email reads your email. It is the bomb!  Get Streak HERE!

Let me know some of your best #LifeHacks

For those that want more of the tools I use, check out my Toolbox page on my site! Made with YOU in MIND!


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