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Why the movie “Get Out” & “Black Panther” are extremely relative ideas in today’s society


So while rewatching the movie ‘Get Out’ I noticed the overall theme of this actual thought. The movie plays on historical fears of the historical black plight to be equal in the United States of America. You know all those Tuskegee experiments, the Army testing on black people as human test subjects for syphilis experiments and other’s that are probably still government classified. Don’t believe me, just go to an HBCU or make to Law School at any Historical Black College, or Regular PWI for that matter, you will soon to discover how legislation is truly an underlying business, but that is for a different subject matter.  The reason why the movie ‘ Get Out’ is an important piece of film is that its based on actual facts.  More importantly, it plays on the fears of what black people have undergone, and possibly continue to undergo in the present day. Case in point, Kendrick Johnson ( 2013), the kid who was rolled up in a gym matt with his organs missing, or the black teenager who was murdered and then locked away in a hotel freezer in Kenneka Jenkins (2017)… No matter how you look at it, it played on our fear that we are still targeted for our organs.

Now here is why Black Panther is also related. It plays to the fear of White People, that the truth of our excellence will far surpass white supremacy.  I mean for us to be awakened to such a film that highlights black excellence in an Uncolonized African Continent.  Don’t get me wrong, but white supremacy sold us an Idea that is very intriguing and also it is attainable. In order to bring about a world that is uncolonized by white supremacy, we would have to transpose/trans-phase to a different dimension of time & space, within the same time stream. **** Please do take note of the Nerdiness that ensues of me watching years Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, StarTrek, & StarWars. Though I have yet to see it… I have a Job/Career that takes up most of my time. I am planning on seeing it this entire week! #DontJudgeMe My black card shall not be revoked.

But is that day of African/Melinated people can surpass white technology, society, and way of life? I sure would like to believe and hope that, that day comes near around 2020, where we take the technological gift of Artificial Intelligence and give it our African rooted consciousness.

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