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A Slightly Salty, Gun Reform Recipe

FEB. 26, 2018

A triggered teacher points her gun in a classroom.

Dear people of color,

I hope you are unable to tolerate the saltiness of propaganda.

America’s freshest homegrown terrorist, Nikolas Cruz, has reminded me of the familiar fishiness that exists throughout White Culture’s Cookbook. Following the latest school shooting, the media immediately resorted to criminalizing mental illness. Apparently, “normal”  White offenders still cease to exist. Yet, I am still in awe of the way this country gets away with watering down domestic terrorism.

Why are people still gullible enough to eat this bullshit?

The 24 hour narrative flip that took place, was effortless. News outlets went from discussing a vicious killer and 17 dead victims, to using their slain bodies as a platform for gun control.


At first taste, I knew there was something unpalatable with the quick-fix served by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who advocates to arm teachers in an effort to “protect” children in schools [adds a dollop of delusion]. I’m sure this was Betsy’s best attempt; but, the mere thought creates a frightening issue: it oozes of tyrannical teachers and victim-blaming.

The sensationalism behind the Valentine’s Day massacre has conjured up a the faux-internalized fear of pasty America [adds white tears]. The idea of condemning white males for their malicious acts is a pill our nation refuses to swallow. By all means, changing America’s violent customs, would mean we’d have to restructure this country from the ground up.

That will never happen.

The countless crimes that law enforcement commits against unarmed, breathing, sleeping, waking, looking, thinking, sitting, walking, running, existing Black and Brown bodies, young and old, serves as proof. America continues to ignore the people, and act in self-interest.

The Black community does not have time to concern themselves with mass shooters. The people who are sworn to protect us, are more likely to slaughter us. Extensively trained police officers have proven to be unable to exercise judgment, compassion and utilize de-escalation skills, when encountering people of color.

So, how does anyone with a sound mind expect overwhelmed, unqualified, underpaid, teachers to be the golden answer to safety?

Post-Columbine, the National Association of School Resource Officers placed approximately 10,000 trained officers [adds fresh pigs] in schools to prevent these tragedies. We are almost two decades removed from a horrendous event that claimed 13 lives; yet, shooters keep shootin’. And to be clear, we’ve had 25 school shootings since then, with damn near every assailant being a white male.

Black woman engaged in a meeting.

Black parents, please, do not fall for the oke-doke [a heap of saltine lies]. Your children are not, and have never been safe in white spaces. The presence of guns in the classroom will only make them moving targets for disgruntled teachers. 

Simply listen to the banter on the news, and you will understand that White people only want to deal with the shooting event, as a bridge to politics. Our country would rather deflect, as opposed to exploring the dangers of the White male psyche. [wedges of aged white male toxicity].

So, we must remain vigilant of rotten policies being pushed. Let’s facilitate honest conversations within our communities. White America will not protect us from their children, so we must do the work ourselves.

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