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Why Every Christian Girl Boss Needs To Attend The Go Getter Conference


The Go-Getter Conference is the perfect conference for every Christian girl boss!

When you start your business, especially as a female entrepreneur, you are always told to “Find Your Tribe.” But that is easier said than done. What does that mean for someone just starting out or for someone doing something completely different than everyone around you? For most people, finding your group is hard and comes with time. The solution to this problem is THE GO-GETTER CONFERENCE! 

I came in, put my stuff down and immediately starting going to different tables asking people to give their testimony of the conference so far. I was given great feedback on and off the camera. I immediately connected with two girls and we all exchanged numbers and have plans to collab in the future. That is the type of environment I and others thrive in. No competition, all love because I always say, there are enough coins for us all.
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The Go-Getter Conference touches on every aspect of a Christian business owner. In a world, where people are getting married later, especially in the black community, this was a much-needed refresher to see how other people are doing it. How are they balancing work and their relationship with God? How are they dating and any tips from people that made it to the alter or those still in their single season but doing it well?

Day 1 of the conference touched more on Faith-Based Issues and Topics and Day 2 was more about Business Issues and Topics. Everyone left with the ability to connect with the speakers, other members and ask questions to benefit their business. I really enjoyed hearing other people teach about a topic that I work in, it helps me to compare myself to where I am at and learn something new along the way.

I recorded 3 segments from The Go-Getter Conference.

  1. Worth The Wait Panel- This topic was about waiting to have sex until marriage. The panel was a mix of women married, recently married and still in the dating phase. It was interesting to hear the different stories and refreshing to hear that Candace Junee had already created a Facebook support group for those interested in doing this called Worth The Wait Community.
  2. Social Media Deep Dive– This topic was about social media, creating quality content and growing your brand to make sure it is leaving a mark on someone.
  3. What Men Think– This topic was with an all-male panel. I enjoyed this panel because so many discussions are about women becoming wives and preparing for marriage and I do not see enough topics and discussions to make better husbands and have the focus be on men. This panel was a mix of married men who waited to have sex with their wives until marriage and those currently in the single and dating phase. It was great to hear their honesty and their perspective on what a man wants and how they think.





Some of my favorite pictures from the conference!

Photos credited to J’Nae Antoinette:

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