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Passion Purpose and Paychecks Is Solving A Need For This Generation

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Being on Facebook, you notice trends. One meme that is super popular and the trend is the following:  You announce you got a new job and you get hundreds of likes, comments, and reactions. You announce that you are starting a business and you get 50 likes.

Growing up in America, the “American Dream” has changed from owning a company to getting a corner office and a big fancy title. We have switched one for the other versus praising and pushing individuals to do both. With this new found reality, Ashley Kirkwood birthed Passion, Purpose, and Paychecks.  banner

Passion, Purpose, and Paychecks is a Youtube Talk Show where the host and creator Ashley Kirkwood interviews people who have left Corporate America and have done well in their businesses. She has guests from all walks of life from Certified Public Accountants to DJs on mainstream radio! I have even had the pleasure of being on the show and am patiently waiting for my episode to drop!

The show is informative, the guests drop real gems and that separates her show from others. If you are aspiring to be like some of the guests, you will leave the show with actionable to-dos to implement into your own journey.

Just like her show, The Passion Purpose and Paychecks Launch Party was no different.

Ashley had the launch in one of her favorite stores a plus size boutique called Eloquii. During the party, she had partnered with them so that a portion of the proceeds from the items bought that day would go to her husband, Chris Kirkwood’s foundation, The Kirkwood Foundation. 

Ashley had a guest panel of beautiful, personable and talented women who all have transitioned to the full-time entrepreneurship realm. There was a plus size model, a comedian, and a business owner. During the discussion, they all discussed what they gave up to pursue their dreams and Ashley brought it home with how to handle people that you pay. Be sure to take a look at the clip below!
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Top 3 Messages From The Night

1. EVERYONE is giving up something to make their dreams come true.

Just because people do not talk about that aspect does not mean it is not real. I think this is important to discuss, because in a world full of Instagram and putting on our best foot forward for social media. We are losing the grind/ struggle season and only seeing the overnight success when in reality it was years of climbing. I appreciate all the queen’s honesty in sharing what they let go of from hair to eating out to paying for flights and getting reimbursed later.

 2. You have to check people that you are paying.

The way that you check them is important but you have to be on them so that you are ensuring that you are getting what you are paying for. You can correct people without being demeaning.

3. You can’t be afraid to sever ties.

This is business and if you have outgrown people, their skills or they have completed their task and you no longer need them on retainer let them go. As your business is changing and improving so will your brand and what you need, want and budget. That is okay and normal and holding on longer than necessary will do way more harm than good.



My Favorite Pictures From The Night!

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