4 October Story Ideas to Get Your Brand Featured in the Press

Happy Fall! Every month, I provide story ideas to help you get featured in the media!

Here are the ideas for October:

  1. International Strategic Planning Month – This month is time to take advantage of the opportunity for businesses and individuals to review their efforts for the past and current year, make adjustments to meet current goals and start the planning process for next year. If you’re a business coach, do taxes, wealth planning etc, this the perfect angle for you to pitch the press with your tips on how business owners can plan properly.

  2. Breast Cancer Awareness Month – If you have a product that you can pitch for BCA gift-guides that support the cause. Also pitch for founder stories that are related to breast cancer.

  3. National Boss’s Day (October 16) – Boss’s Day is the perfect time to pitch for gift ideas, roundups stories and feature stories regarding your advice as a CEO. Also opinion-ed pieces would be good too if you can identify some thought leadership around being an entrepreneur.

  4. National Work and Family Month – During this time, businesses across the U.S. are asked promote healthier and more flexible work environments. The goal of the campaign is to remind employers about the business benefits of supporting work-life effectiveness programs. Since we are still in the pandemic, you can pitch some tips to make your work environment healthier.

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