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Chicago Ideas Week: Finding Your Voice With Queens Brunch and Voxx


For the second year in a row, Average Black Girl has been a supporter of Queens Brunch and their collaboration with Chicago Ideas Week! The theme this time was Finding Your Voice. Queens Brunch partnered with Voxx.

Shayna Atkins is truly a visionary and it is a blessing to see how amazing her growth is and how fun and interactive her events are. This event did not disappoint. Media Correspondent @Joi Has Questions was spontaneously called to the stage while Shayna had the stage and together they did this amazing exercise that ANY woman can relate to. We talk about what our “billboard” would say, the societal pressures when it comes to career choice and the balance of corporate america and working on your business. Chile, when I tell you this gave me ALL the feels it truly did! Check it out!

Finding Your Voice Part 1

Then things got fun! When you are hosting events and running the show it is always great to have the mic turned on you and have an interview start. We got to have a super intimate chat with Shayna Atkins and she does not disappoint. We only see the end results which are always fabulous but it is just as important to learn the struggle and the second-guessing as it is to see the fabulous result. It is confirmation that you are not crazy and that it is normal. Networking across is a beautiful thing and you see this here!


Finding Your Voice Part 2

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