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10 Ways To Increase Your Income Through Marketing

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Marketing is something that is ALWAYS necessary for your business! Here we are going to talk about the ways you can increase your money flow through marketing tactics.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is going to be an ongoing thing in your brand and in your life lol. So the sooner you get a handle on it the better because it will make your blogging more profitable.

Amazon:  Arguably one of the most popular online platforms has an affiliate program where you can promote anything from clothes to household items to technical tools you can find something to promote. Amazon recently rolled out their Influencer Program.  The original program is still available at Amazon Affiliate.

Shareasale.com:  Once you sign up you can browse companies and apply to be an affiliate. You know ahead of time how much you get per sale.

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2. Email Marketing

Selling to your newsletter is an artful mix of giving useful resources, selling your packages and talking to them like you are a homegirl. The more you do it, the better you will become think of it like writing your bike. There is a thin line between being too aggressive and sending too many emails and sounding spammy vs selling.

Mail Chimp If you are just starting out and don’t want to spend any money they have a Forever Free plan that is no cost to you until you have reached 2,000 subscribers.

ConvertKit Convert kit is known for their segmenting ability in the email lists. I hear nothing but good things for those that invest in Convertkit and know so many people that use this. Plans start at $29.00. 

3. Online Courses + Downloads

You won’t reach that true “freedom” until you can start making money while not having to be physically present. One way that has worked for many is online courses. If you feel like you are not an expert in anything don’t fret. I may not be able to ever teach Beyonce a thing or two about marketing but that’s okay because she is not my target audience. My target audience is one or two levels below me. I love teaching what I just learned to the group of people that know less than me. I call it the “reach back crew.” If I reach my hand back they are right there but to them, I am so smart because I am always a set ahead of them. Start thinking about the courses you can create AND the target market you will sell to.

Here is what I use to get my courses done.

TeachableThis is the platform that I use for my courses. Some of the courses are included in my major packages and others are available as a one-off deal. To get one-month free trial click this link! 

Blue Yeti MicI use Blue Yeti to increase my audio quality for courses and for recording my podcast!

PDF EscapeI use PDF escape to create fillable PDFs and now you can too!

4. Webinars

Webinars are a great way to find new clients, expand your audience and to become better at teaching and going live. Webinars are FREE or PAID online intro classes. Say that you finally finish your online course we were just talking about and it is 5 chapters long. The webinar would be on chapter one and then your goal is to sell the course for those that found chapter one interesting. Another way could be to go over 5 teachings that are related to the course and provide information overload. Where people have no choice but to go and purchase the course.

I personally use Eventbrite to post my invites and then use google hangout to have my live webinars. People search Eventbrite all the time for events so it helps me to find people I do not know and those individuals are truly my target market.

5. Going Live

Going Live is a MUST now and days. The video is becoming content king and it is important to join the wave. Going live is not as overwhelming as it sounds. Be sure you take the time to think about what you will be marketing before you go live. “4 Ways To Do This” or “How I Do That” are always good starts.

6. Media Kit + Email Reach

One of the most common misconceptions is that you need to stay in your lane and mind your business and then brands and companies will find YOU and will send YOU offers to promote, review or sponsor posts and videos and events. WRONG! You have to go after THEM! The easiest way is to create a list of 40 – 100 business and brand you want to work with. Then create a media kit for your brand. Then reach out to them. I have different ask for different brands so you may have a few versions of your media kit. I like to create an excel document so that I am able to mark down the name of the company, contact person and email, and date of contact. This makes it easy for me or my team to follow up and we do not have to worry about double contact.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is where a lot of my target audience is. I want people who have some level of ambition, have money to pay for my services and want to start a business or increase their corporate career potential. I make sure that I spend significant time each month on that site. Drawing people to my site, my newsletter or leading them to give me a phone call. Take my Free LinkedIn Course!

8. Creator Networks

Creator Networks allow you to have contact with more brands in a faster way. Brands sign up to creator networks and create campaigns to promote certain items. Say a brand has money to allow 100 content creators to pay them and give them their brand product for free to test them. You can then apply for the campaign and if they accept you then they put the money in queue once they do that it is now on you to complete the objectives of the contract. Once you do it and send evidence it is done they can tell you they want you to change something or if it is fine. Once both parties are happy with your review you get paid the money that was in queue.

Here is a list of networks I use.



Blog Lovin Activate 


Social Fabric

9. Reviews

Doing reviews for brands in your niche is promotion and you can and will make money when you start to do it consistently. At first, I suggest doing reviews on places and do it for free. As you grow and get into the groove of things and start going down your list of 40 – 100 businesses you will be able to get some paid offers. I suggest starting though because no one wants to be a first mover but EVERYONE wants to jump on when you are rising. So start so you can show them some examples of your work.

10. Ads

Ads are a great way to make money because a person does not have to do anything but click an ad to support you. I suggest starting out with google Adsense so that your readers and companies are used to ads and know you regularly do ad placements. You will eventually be able to secure sponsorships where companies and brands are paying a monthly or yearly fee for an ad placement on your homepage or blog pages. But I am all about making money from the BEGINNING so google adsene will get you used to making money and push you to create useful content because no readers = no coins.

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